Best electric pizza ovens

Who doesn’t like pizza? A staple of Italian cuisine, it brings together young and old, and is appreciated at any time of the day: at lunch, dinner, or as an afternoon snack, it is always a pleasant “break” to which you never say no. So why wait until you go to the pizzeria to enjoy it? In fact, more and more users have recently opted for a homemade preparation, with undoubted advantages both in terms of practicality and economic savings.

The commercial pizza maker – appliances created specifically for this type of preparation – faithfully reproduce, “in a small” and compact way, the professional oven, guaranteeing a crunchy product at the right point, which does not stick to the bottom. The small cooking chamber, characterizing these appliances, allows to reach high temperatures – comparable to those of pizzerias – and to heat uniformly the base and the upper surface of the pizza. Bringing to the table a dish that is never gummy, or not very cooked, or even burnt.

The market offers many models, for all tastes and for all needs: of different sizes, shapes and prices, they can also include a small shovel to put the pizza in the oven and turn it during cooking. And the operation is really simple. Just connect the electric pizza oven to the power, place the thermostat on the right temperature, and wait about 8-10 minutes: the appliance will then be ready to prepare the desired pizza, previously spread and topped, which will be cooked in a few minutes!

How to choose the best electric pizza oven

It allows you to choose and check each ingredient used, while being convenient and inexpensive for your wallet. But how to choose the “best” electric pizza oven, the one that best suits your needs? The choice may not be easy, given the many models made available by the market, so it is important to identify certain factors in order to better orient yourself.

Among these, a very important one is the speed of heating of the interior, especially if there are many pizzas to cook, in the presence of a large family: on the point, most models need 10 minutes. It is equally important to check the presence of a timer and a thermostat, through which to control and set the cooking time and temperature, in order to avoid errors in the cooking itself or unnecessary waste of electricity.

Having made this brief premise, let us now turn to the specific basic criteria to be followed during the purchase, dealt with individually in the following paragraphs.


The models of electric pizza ovens for domestic use are of two types: the rectangular ones and the shell ones, so called because of their circular shape, which recalls a shell.

Equipped with a double electric heating element, and two shelves – in stone, soapstone or refractory, for a homogeneous cooking – the rectangular ovens, very similar to bread warmers, can “accommodate” one or two pizzas, but also different dishes. With an internal width of between 15 and 30 liters, they have a much larger external dimensions than the shell models, which are more compact and easier to store.

From the very small cooking chamber, the shell-shaped ovens are specially designed to cook pizza, as can be seen from the diameter, in most cases between 25 and 32 cm (the “classic” dimensions of a circular pizza): characterized, like the rectangular ones, by a base, in the lower part, made of soapstone or refractory, however, they have a serpentine resistance in the upper part that releases heat at high temperatures. And the stone guarantees perfect baking of the pizza dough.

Functions, temperature, timer and controls

Designed for a specific preparation – that of pizza, in fact – the products covered by this article do not include many particular functions: the most important one to take care of is the temperature selection.

To underline then the programmable timer – a function often present in the electric pizza oven – connected in the best products to intermittent spies or acoustic signals. Almost always with a knob, finally, are the controls: the temperatures are shown with indication of degrees or indicative levels.


Rather limited are the accessories that may be supplied with an electric pizza oven. In the shell models it is possible to find a shovel to extract the pizza, or a metal baking pan to cook chestnuts; in the rectangular models, on the other hand, drip pan, trays, or additional grills can be supplied.

Cleaning and maintenance

The maintenance of the electric pizza oven is very simple and easy and does not require any special attention. In the shell models, where the stone cannot be removed, it is sufficient to clean the stone itself with a damp cloth after use, waiting for it to be cold. In rectangular models, on the other hand, a specific product must be used to remove any residues of ingredients present on the bottom, preventing the production of incrustations which, if burnt, would compromise the success of the preparation.

Prices and specialized brands

The cost of an electric pizza oven is quite low: we are talking about figures usually lower than 100 Euros, both for shell and rectangular models. If, on the other hand, you want a professional product, the price will be around 300 Euro, an expense, this one, to be evaluated well, also considering the size of the appliance.

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