The first steps to being able to cook

My first culinary masterpiece was a burnt frying pan with the remains of scrambled eggs on it. Find your infrared toaster oven.

Then, the first steps to the skill of cooking began: I learned how to wash dishes.

I was not allowed to handle food for a long time. I had to cook in school during labor classes. Salads and hot sandwiches were a real achievement.

My first real teacher was my father. My mom, a private entrepreneur, spent a lot of time away from home, and my dad played the role of chef in the family. He taught me how to cook everyday menu items. It was pretty good. Then I had a two-year break.

My first boyfriend didn’t care much about food. He liked instant noodles, and I worked seven days a week, so I didn’t have much time to cook.

I got back to cooking when a new love struck me. A man who is an unparalleled cook himself wanted to teach me to do the same. It was like stepping into the kitchen for the first time. I was so afraid of screwing something up. And that fear ruined me – I ruined the dish.

Gradually, adopting my spouse’s experience, I began to cook better and better. Now, I still don’t consider myself a cooking virtuoso, but step by step I am getting there. My words apply to anyone on the path to good cooking: don’t be afraid and experiment!

Try it, come up with dishes and you will be appreciated. As my husband says: a dish is a symphony. Everything in it should complement each other. I agree with him. Even though I don’t always succeed in creating a masterpiece. And my husband sometimes criticizes me, but it is a kind criticism. So if you do not succeed at something, do not be afraid! The main thing is not to give up. If you fail once, another time, on the third will come true for sure!

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